Maps & Pans

Object number Title Description Image
2017.2028 O.S .Sheet 27 1/2'' Ordnance Survey Sheet of Edinburgh and Lanark. 1913. All Railways Shown
2017.2099 Track Diagram Track Plans .Muirhouse Junction/Eglinton Tunnel.Hand drawn 5pages
2017.2146 British Rail Passenger Network 1982-83 Folding map titled "British Rail Passenger Network 1982-83". Black lettering on white background. Opens up to a two-sided map. In good condition.
2017.2809 Securing PA track Laminated card entitled "Securing PA track (revised method) - over rail and retaining straps. Mandatory where suitable straps fitted" with diagrams explaining methods described. Undated; issuing authority not indenfied.
2017.2845 Plan of Fort William Station Copy of plan, scale 1:100 prepared by British Rail Scottish Region Architects Section in August 1971 of the general plan of Fort William Station. Drawing number SC71A/172.